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February 28, 2011

The Bleu-eyed Bear gets her first look at home!

The Blue-eyed bear is aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery as part of NASA’s “Faces in Space” program. When the rest of the crew was busy she got a chance to look out Discovery’s front windows for a peak at home. The BE Bear has never seen anything so beautiful and is extremely home-sick! ┬áBut, it will only be a 12 day mission and there is sure to be some interesting adventures ahead.

The International Space Station at sunset!

Another beautiful image the BE Bear got to witness was the ISS as the sun went be hind the Earth. Discovery has docked at the Space Station so the BE Bear will get to stretch her space legs and try some of her own weightless experiments. Stay tuned for more adventurous updates!


Bears in Space II

February 24, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear is suited up and ready to go aboard Discovery!

All paws on deck! The Blue-eyed Bear is ready to go to space as part of NASA’s “Faces in Space” program. After a long delay Mission STS133 will fly tomorrow Feb 24, 2011 aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. Lift off is from pad 39A at 4:50 est. This is to be the last flight of the intrepid ship Discovery. The mission is to deliver “Leonardo” a space closet to the International Space Station as well as the long awaited ┬árobotic astronaut. And just maybe the crew will test out whether bears might do a better job in space then any space robot! Godspeed Discovery and Crew, Godspeed Blue-eyed Bear!