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Miami Blues Almost Gone!

August 16, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear dreams of finding a unknown colony of Miami Blue butterflies.

The Miami Blue butterflies are almost gone. They have been recently given emergency placement on the endangered species list because they are in such a precarious state that they can’t wait for the bureaucratic wheels to grind. As their name implies these little one inch butterflies can be found only in south Florida. As a butterfly they only live one day and thats not much time to mate and lay eggs. Their caterpillars feed on balloon vine and both caterpillar and butterfly stay within the small area where they were born, thats why habitat loss is so devastating to these little guys.

Take a good look. You may never be able to see this butterfly again!

The Blue-eyed Bear dreams of finding a previously unknown colony of Miami blues and fighting off  all comers to protect  their balloon vines.  Some say, so what if a butterfly dies out! Humans need more condos along the beach and more places to park their autos. But the Blue-eyed Bear’s world would be a little less beautiful without them! Their loss would make for one less ice berg on the ocean of time.