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Wild Women of the Forest

July 26, 2010

The Blue-eyed Bear gets some advice from Dzunukwa.

The Blue-eyed bear always consults the the spirits of place for bits of  wisdom that help her along on her journeys. In her travels through the Northwest Coast of North America she sought out Dzunukwa, a giantess who lives in the deep forests. Dzunukwa is a supposed to be stupid and slow and eat little children. That might all just be a bad rap cause she guards some wonderful treasures. (Dzunukwa is also a Kuawkiutl crest, so you can often see her mask  as part of a totem pole or other expressions of First Nations art ). B-E Bear thinks one of Dzunukwa’s treasures is her advice on how to survive in-spite of Human hubris towards this creation. Dzunukwa can tell the Blue-eyed bear  how to be a Wild Woman in this age. Now thats a true treasure!


Night Boat

July 18, 2010

The Arctic Hare paddles the Night Boat Moon across the sky bringing joy to Bears everywhere!

The Blue-eyed Bear looks up at the Moon and sees her friend the Arctic Hare taking the night boat across the sky. It is a hopeful sign that the natural order of this creation continues at the most basic of level no matter how many disasters be fall it. Life finds a way to flourish. The B-E Bear believes that life is the meaning of this creation, this world, this Earth.

A Rabbit, or for the B-E Bear’s mythology the Hare, in the Moon has a deep tradition in many human cultures. The rabbit is seen by the Japanese  and by the Maya for whom it was associated with the Moon goddess.

The night boat  or celestial boat is an old motif that comes out of ancient Egypt as that boat carried Ra the Sun through the underworld it was called the “boat of the Millions” because it carried the millions of the dead. The celestial boat was also important to the ancients of Europe and it appears on the Mittelberg disk the oldest known depiction of the night sky (ca. 1600 BC) found in central Germany.

A night boat, a celestial boat,  a chariot, or  a sleigh carrying a  god from the North Pole and pulled by reindeer are all one and the same. They bestow generous gifts (fertility) on those that believe. Today this myth is relegated to a child’s tale that is told only at the Winter Solstice to spur commerce. The B-E Bear believes that Arctic Hare’s moon boat bestows gifts all year long or at least reminds us of the gifts we already hold!


Saving a Generation

July 8, 2010

Live Long and Prosper Little Dudes! The Blue-eyed Bear helps with Sea Turtle relocation.

The Blue-eyed Bear has made her way along the Gulf beaches to the Florida Panhandle. There she is helping with a desperate project to save a generation of sea turtles from sure death in the oily gulf water. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is heading this project to move some 70,000 turtle eggs from the Alabama and Florida beaches and will transport them to the east coast of Florida for release. The B-E Bear thinks she can help locate turtle nests with her supper sensitive Bear nose. She will also make her way to the east coast to help with the release of the little turtle hatchlings. Most of the nests are thought to belong to loggerhead turtles. You know the turtles that starred in the movie “Saving Nemo”. These turtles can live to be 150 years old!

The B-E bear suggests that all humans can help by adopting a sea turtle and supporting the work of Sea Turtle Conservancy at This is a Galveston, Florida based organization that was founded by Dr. Archie F. Carr formerly of the University of Florida. Carr was a biologist and conservationist and an expert in sea turtles. He died in 1987 but his legacy of research and protection of turtles through education and conservation live on with this organization.


Bear Reflections

July 6, 2010

The bear is clearly reflected when the water is calm.

The Blue-eyed Bear was reminded yesterday how important it is to take time to check-in and take stock of how she is feeling, both on the inside and the out. Only in this way can she maintain a open and loving connection to all creation. Borrowing from and altering just a bit one of the Ki Aikido sayings of Koichi Tohei Sensei “The bear is clearly reflected in the water when the water is calm. In this same way when her mind and body are unified and calm her Universal Mind manifests itself completely. Once this happens all suffering and conflict fall away and the Spirit of love and protection for all things appears in her.”

This post starts a the new Category of Bear Reflections that is a way for the B-E Bear to better explore her inner world as well as her physical world.


Burn Bear Burn

July 1, 2010

The Blue-eyed Bear is burning to know how Humans think they can handle an oil spill in the Arctic Ocean!

Today is the 71th day that oil is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. As bad as this Gulf oil spill is the Blue-eyed Bear wants everyone to imagine what would happen if there was a Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Arctic Ocean. Here are a few thoughts if you find it hard pressed to do this imagining. The arctic ocean is generally covered with ice for most of the year so oil coming to the surface would be stuck below the ice and spread out  beneath it.  Skimming or burning of oil does not seem possible. Sea mammals such as narwals, walrus,  and  seals swimming below the ice would die and or have little possibility of recovery or rehabilitation. How do you clean the oil off a narwal? The Oil companies probably would use dispersants  heavily with little idea of what effect that would have on the food chain. Once the sea mammals die from lack of food the bears will die as well.  One thing in the oil companies favor is there won’t be a lot of Humans around to see the devastation of an Arctic spill. And we know that some Alaskans such as former Senator  Ted Stevens think the arctic is just a wasteland so Humans probably won’t be much concerned.

The B-E Bear thinks an Arctic oil spill is a nightmare scenario. So she strongly supports the 6 month moratorium on deep water drilling. And in some places like the Arctic it should never be tried. Humans need to step back from the brink and get their act together. They can no longer trust the oil companies when they say safety is the No 1 priority. If that were so the oil companies would voluntarily shut their deep water rigs down until they can assure their technology works. The oil companies in Norway did shut down their deep water rigs. Their scared and Americans should be too. There are some real problems with the first and last line of defense against a spill the Blow Out Preventers. It seems they are finicky pieces of equipment and have be known to fail as much as 45% of the time. And the oil companies have known for a long time that there are problems with this device especially in the rigors of the  deep ocean. For some interesting and really scary reading go to the New York Times June 20th investigative report entitled “Regulators Failed to Address Risk in Oil Rig Fail-Safe Device. If Judge Feldman read this article I don’t understand how he could have found the moratorium on drilling an arbitrary action!