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March 21, 2011

Totem Pole a creation story.

The Blue-eyed Bear tells this creation story. You see Bears were the first creatures to walk on the earth. They were made from a lump of mud pulled up from the depths of the Earth herself  by the star nosed mole and shaped by the industry of the of the humble bee. Thats why to this day all bears love honey and are great diggers.

After a while the first Bears got real hunger and went down to the sea in search of some sweet fish meat. Well, those first Bears ate so many fish that they almost became fish themselves. And that is why to this day all bears love  seafood and are great swimmers.

After swimming for along while with the great cod fish, the first Bears and cod fish formed a creature that was half bear and half, well fish. At least this creature didn’t have much hair on its body but otherwise it had hands and feet like a bear but with no claws like a fish. Oh and its hairless body was green! And to this day you can see the ancestors of some of these creatures with their little hands and feet and hairless bodies. They are called frogs.

Others of these green creature followed the first Bears out on to the land when the Bears decided it was time to return and feast on the splendor of the Earth. You see, Bears to this day are always hungry.

The green creatures had a hard time adjusting to life on land. Because of their beginnings in the sea they could not see well with their eyes or hear with their ears so they made plaintive cries to the first Bears for help. Since this creature was part bear the first Bears felt obliged to find a remedy so that the green creatures could live on the land. And to this day you will find that Bears are very attentive to the cries of their offspring.

It just happened that night was falling and the first Bears spotted Little Owl. Little Owl had keen sight an great hearing so that she could hunt on land in the dark of night. The first Bears ask the Little Owl to give the gift of good sight and hearing to the green creatures from the Sea so that they too could hunt on land and make a living. But Little owl had a price. You see she had no voice. So for the gift of good sight and hearing she was given the plaintive cries of the green creature from the Sea. And to this day you can still hear Little Screech Owl’s own plaintive cry.

As time passed the green creatures became quite a good hunter on land. Their sight and hearing wasn’t quit as keen as the owl’s but it was good enough. Gift such as these don’t get transferred exactly. They also had bear heart and stamina as well as the fish’s ability to swim and love of the sea. Their skin went for green to different shades of brown as they were exposed longer and longer to the sun. And to this day you can find them  hunting on land, in the sea, and in the air.  They call themselves Human!


Home Coming

March 10, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear came back to earth yesterday with the final landing of the the Space Shuttle Discovery. The BE Bear learned a lot on her 12 day voyage. In her search for a new home she went  to check out the International Space Station. It was a fabulous place to visit but the BE Bear found that what will always be her true home is the Earth herself. Not a new concept in the 50 years of human space flight but one many humans and one bear need to be reminded of!

Congratulations to the Blue-eyed Bear!


Weightless Bear!

March 7, 2011

Floating around inside the International Space Station!

The Blue-eyed Bear was having so much fun floating around inside the ISS that she almost didn’t make it back on board Discovery before the hatches were closed and Discovery disconnected from the International Space Station. But the BE Bear did make it back on board in the nick of time while the crew was saying their goodbyes.

Moving in Zero-G the BE Bear found it helpful to push off and then hold all her extremities in so she wouldn’t accidentally catch a claw on all the wires and equipment sticking out everywhere. Human handholds don’t always work for bears!

The BE Bear says goodbye to the ISS. It a fabulous place to visit, but not a home for our bear!


What Can You See?

March 2, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear Looks Out.

The BE Bear is visiting the International Space Station with the rest of the Discovery Crew. Her most favorite place on the station is the cupola, which has a 360 view of the Universe and of course Earth. The BE Bear got into a little trouble with all the nose and paw prints she’s leaving all over the windows. But she just can’t stop looking out.

One of the best places in the Universe - the ISS copula.