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Bear Blues

September 11, 2022

What can anyone do to stop this climate crisis? One way is to be aware of your environment and what can be lost though the environmental degradation that comes this crisis. Yes, the Blue-eyed Bear and his polar friends are loosing their home, but in so many ways, large and small, people are too. We have all seen the terrible floods, drought, and fires that are devistating parts of the US, Austrailia, Pakistan, and Europe, and, and, and. But have you noticed, here in Texas where the Bear is now, how there are fewer insects during this summer’s drought. Few insects means its harder for birds to make a living. Fewer birds mean less beauty and song in the world. The iconic Monarch butterfly and all butterflies are becoming endangered. The Bear asks, will humans notice when they’re gone? What can we do lessen the pressure on these beauties? Stop using broadcast pesticides on home and lawn. Spot treat only if you have too. Accept a few weeds in the lawn; they’re just as green as a carpet of grass. Plant flowers as food for our insect friends! Provide feed and water for the birds during times of drought. Make a beautiful world!

The Blue-eyed Bear dreams of the endangered Miami Blue butterflies.

Tell it to the Fishes

May 7, 2022

The Blue-eyed Bear feels that no humans will listen to her warnings about the climate crisis the world is facing. So she is taking a lesson from St. Anthony of Padua, a Franciscan priest, who preached to the fishes when no humans would listen. Miracle of miracles, the fishes listened and were saved!


January 12, 2020

You Humans Stop ow

The Blue-Eyed Bear points a claw at all Humans because only they (YOU) can stop this Climate Crisis!!!!! Become informed, speak out, make small changes, and make big changes. Vote as if lives depended on it, cause they do!!!!! ¬†Australia will never be the same; its biosphere will be much diminished and similar loss is coming to your neighborhood, if it isn’t there already. So don’t get too comfortable or think you’re immune. Fire, flood, pollution, food shortages, homelessness are coming for you!

P.S. Thank you to all who are trying to make a difference.


Swimming for Survival

January 6, 2020


Swimming North with the aid of Friends

The Blue-eyed Bear and Koala are swimming north along the east coast of Australia. The bear wants to get the Koala to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, but that’s way north of Sydney. So the B-E Bear has enlisted the help of a few of her friends that frequent the Aussie coast. Every now and then the Humpbacks give the bear a boost.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital is treating burned and dehydrated Koalas and has raised over $ 2 million through a go fund me site. The money is being spent for watering stations for Koalas and other wild life. And once the crisis abates they may start a captive breading center for Koalas. ¬†The B-E Bear says “all of you humans are responsible for this, so start the change that is need to fix it now”.


Australia, Climate Crisis or Armageddon

January 4, 2020


Blue-eyed Bear says “time to move Koala”!!!

The B-E Bear wants to help, but the fires in Australia seem way beyond anything the bear can do in this climate armageddon.


No where to go?!

Run for the ocean you two, run, run, run!!!! The B-E Bear can swim even if the Koala can’t! Will they make it??? Stay tuned.