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Blue Rain

January 13, 2013


Its hard to loose a Friend, even when your a Bear. I’m sorry little Friend for all the times I was too Bear-like toward you. I’m sorry that in the end, I couldn’t protect you. The Blue-eyed Bear weeps for her Friend and the Universe weeps with her.


Happy New Year 2013

January 1, 2013



The Raven flies with one eye looking back and one eye looking forward so she knows where she has been, and where  she is going. The Blue-eyed Bear asks her friend Raven to help her know where she’s been so she can move forward confidently into the New Year.


Daruma Bear

April 9, 2012

The Blue-eyed Bear says never give up on your life’s goals. An old oriental saying tells us “eight times up” That is you  may go down seven times but the eight time you will roll back up and make your mark! Just as the daruma bear can never be kept down. Roll on Daruma Bear!


Enso Bear

October 18, 2011

ao I me no kuma

The Blue-eyed Bear (ao I me no kuma) creates her own two-pawed and ten-clawed enso or a circle of bear perfection.


Force of Nature

September 11, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear observes some strange birds.

The 10th anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City, the attack on the Pentagon, and the plane crash near Shanksville PA. a series of events collectively known as 9-11 provides the B-E Bear a time for sobering reflection. When all these terrible acts occurred the B-E Bear had yet to leave home and seemed secure in her icy estate. But on her Adventures she has since observed the great destruction humans wrought on themselves. For instance, Bears don’t fly (well maybe only in their dreams) yet, Humans have turned flight into a common means of transport,  a joy to many, as well as a means of destruction. Ten years ago on that fateful September day the  common means of transport was without warning morphed into a means of destruction.  Great buildings fell spewing forth debris that, like a volcano, could be seen from space.

The Twin Towers fall as seen from the International Space Station, a NASA image.

After 9-11 if anyone questions whether humans can effect  the environment they need to take the perspective of  the fall of the Twin Towers from space. What happened that day had immediate repercussions  unlike the unseen, but no less devastating slow accumulation of  pollution that is heating this planet. The tragedy of 9-11 is a vivid demonstration  for all living  generations, that  they are a force that can unleash unthinkable destruction in an instant and or over the course of time. Other forces of nature such as  volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami, or slow grinding of the tectonic plates can’t be stopped.  However,  humans believe they can change course and  choose a less destructive path. But can they? 


Tail Chase

September 2, 2011

Around and Around we go! Where we will land no body knows!

Life is a tail chase. Ever feel like your going full-out but have know idea where you’ll end up? So does the B-E Bear. It’s said  that the journey is what matters not the destination. Or its how you play the game not whether you win or loose. Taking these sayings to heart suggest you would not recognize your life’s destination even if  you arrived. Anyway, the B-E Bear thinks it might  look very much like the place from which you started. But,  just caring to ask the question “where am I going” may be the only way to reach one’s true potential.


Requiem for a Bear

July 19, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear greets a little dog named Bear who has just begun the transition to a new state of being. She now exists in the hearts and minds of those who love her and thats just where the Blue-eyed Bear and all the animal friends she encounters also exist.  One can’t say that this is not a real for  love informs all existence and is true no matter what shape or form it may take.

Little Bear, released for her corporal existence, can now be off on her own adventures. Of course the transition is hard especially for those who love her because they have to find a way of not being left behind.  One way is to keep an honored space for Bear so she always feels welcome in her corporal home. And maybe if the Blue-eyed Bear is  lucky, she may cross adventurous paths with little Bear again in their great wanderings.