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The Bear’s New Friends in South Africa, Roll On!

February 19, 2023

The Blue-eyed Bear is finding some new friends in South Africa! Did you know that the Dung Beetle, Scarabaeidae, was sacred to the ancient Egyptians and was immortalized as the scarab a symbol or rebirth and regeneration. The beetle also represented the sun god Ra rolling his orb across the sky as the beetle rolls his poop ball cleaning the environment for the many African animals and providing food and a home for its eggs. Different species of the dung beetle are found all over the world but recent scientific investigations in and around Johannesburg SA have found that the dung beetle gets his dung ball home by orienting his roll to the Sun and Milky Way!. The dung beetle is the only known animal to orient to the Milky Way making it truly a celestial being. The BE Bear thinks that’s a great idea and will try to incorporate those celestial alignments in her quest for a new Home!

Also see the children’s book Steve the Dung Beetle: On a Roll by Susan R. Stoltz and Mellissa Bailey 2022 Pygmy Giraffe Publishing Phoenix AZ,



June 17, 2012

Where could those young Hawks be Bear?

The Blue-eyed Bear has been spending her time following the young lives of three Red-tailed Hawks and their parents Big Red (moma) and Ezra (dad). The parents have an ongoing nest a 70 ft high light tower overlooking the practice fields at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Three little hawklets hatched this spring and the BE Bear has been following their progress. You can too, because the Department of Ornithology at Cornell has placed 2 cameras on the nest. Just google Cornell hawk cams to get to the link. The hawklets are young hawks now having all fledged by June 14th. Their all still in the vicinity of the nest however as mom and dad teach them the Ways of the Hawk. But since they have flow its a lot harder for the BE Bear and the ornithologists at Cornell to keep track of their young lives. The  BE Bear wishes them all the best, best, best and would like to give a Big Thank You to the dedicated individuals as Cornell for giving her the opportunity to have this Adventure.


Abominable Snowbear

December 5, 2011

A white bear against the Arctic or Himalayan snows is all eyes, nose, and claws! In Tibetan  the term is metoh-kangmi or man bear -snowman. It  was a “Glacier Being” or god of the hunt.  The Blue-eyed bear continues this tradition of a  Great Being in a mystical land. Now you see her, now you don’t. What is she hunting? Maybe you!


Himalaya Adventure

November 8, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear encounters a Snow Leopard.

Always on the looking for a new place to call home the Blue-eyed Bear is in an extremely remote corner or the earth, the high Himalaya. This beautiful and extreme country may be remote enough and safe enough from human encroachment. But, can the B.E. Bear make friends with the mysterious “ghost cat”, the Snow Leopard, the top predator in this land.

Still,  the Snow Leopard too faces threats from poaching, loss of habitat, and loss of prey animals. Conditions that affect top predators, except humans, all around the world. The Snow Leopard Trust estimates there are some 3,500 to 7,000 cats left in the wilds. And the B.E. Bear is lucky enough to meet one.


Almost Home?

October 3, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear is climbing into a new adventure. Can you guess where she is? The new friends she meets may help decide if this is a new home for the bear!


Miami Blues Almost Gone!

August 16, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear dreams of finding a unknown colony of Miami Blue butterflies.

The Miami Blue butterflies are almost gone. They have been recently given emergency placement on the endangered species list because they are in such a precarious state that they can’t wait for the bureaucratic wheels to grind. As their name implies these little one inch butterflies can be found only in south Florida. As a butterfly they only live one day and thats not much time to mate and lay eggs. Their caterpillars feed on balloon vine and both caterpillar and butterfly stay within the small area where they were born, thats why habitat loss is so devastating to these little guys.

Take a good look. You may never be able to see this butterfly again!

The Blue-eyed Bear dreams of finding a previously unknown colony of Miami blues and fighting off  all comers to protect  their balloon vines.  Some say, so what if a butterfly dies out! Humans need more condos along the beach and more places to park their autos. But the Blue-eyed Bear’s world would be a little less beautiful without them! Their loss would make for one less ice berg on the ocean of time.


Home Coming

March 10, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear came back to earth yesterday with the final landing of the the Space Shuttle Discovery. The BE Bear learned a lot on her 12 day voyage. In her search for a new home she went  to check out the International Space Station. It was a fabulous place to visit but the BE Bear found that what will always be her true home is the Earth herself. Not a new concept in the 50 years of human space flight but one many humans and one bear need to be reminded of!

Congratulations to the Blue-eyed Bear!


Weightless Bear!

March 7, 2011

Floating around inside the International Space Station!

The Blue-eyed Bear was having so much fun floating around inside the ISS that she almost didn’t make it back on board Discovery before the hatches were closed and Discovery disconnected from the International Space Station. But the BE Bear did make it back on board in the nick of time while the crew was saying their goodbyes.

Moving in Zero-G the BE Bear found it helpful to push off and then hold all her extremities in so she wouldn’t accidentally catch a claw on all the wires and equipment sticking out everywhere. Human handholds don’t always work for bears!

The BE Bear says goodbye to the ISS. It a fabulous place to visit, but not a home for our bear!


What Can You See?

March 2, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear Looks Out.

The BE Bear is visiting the International Space Station with the rest of the Discovery Crew. Her most favorite place on the station is the cupola, which has a 360 view of the Universe and of course Earth. The BE Bear got into a little trouble with all the nose and paw prints she’s leaving all over the windows. But she just can’t stop looking out.

One of the best places in the Universe - the ISS copula.



February 28, 2011

The Bleu-eyed Bear gets her first look at home!

The Blue-eyed bear is aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery as part of NASA’s “Faces in Space” program. When the rest of the crew was busy she got a chance to look out Discovery’s front windows for a peak at home. The BE Bear has never seen anything so beautiful and is extremely home-sick!  But, it will only be a 12 day mission and there is sure to be some interesting adventures ahead.

The International Space Station at sunset!

Another beautiful image the BE Bear got to witness was the ISS as the sun went be hind the Earth. Discovery has docked at the Space Station so the BE Bear will get to stretch her space legs and try some of her own weightless experiments. Stay tuned for more adventurous updates!