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The Bear’s New Friends in South Africa, Roll On!

February 19, 2023

The Blue-eyed Bear is finding some new friends in South Africa! Did you know that the Dung Beetle, Scarabaeidae, was sacred to the ancient Egyptians and was immortalized as the scarab a symbol or rebirth and regeneration. The beetle also represented the sun god Ra rolling his orb across the sky as the beetle rolls his poop ball cleaning the environment for the many African animals and providing food and a home for its eggs. Different species of the dung beetle are found all over the world but recent scientific investigations in and around Johannesburg SA have found that the dung beetle gets his dung ball home by orienting his roll to the Sun and Milky Way!. The dung beetle is the only known animal to orient to the Milky Way making it truly a celestial being. The BE Bear thinks that’s a great idea and will try to incorporate those celestial alignments in her quest for a new Home!

Also see the children’s book Steve the Dung Beetle: On a Roll by Susan R. Stoltz and Mellissa Bailey 2022 Pygmy Giraffe Publishing Phoenix AZ,


Bear Blues

September 11, 2022

What can anyone do to stop this climate crisis? One way is to be aware of your environment and what can be lost though the environmental degradation that comes this crisis. Yes, the Blue-eyed Bear and his polar friends are loosing their home, but in so many ways, large and small, people are too. We have all seen the terrible floods, drought, and fires that are devistating parts of the US, Austrailia, Pakistan, and Europe, and, and, and. But have you noticed, here in Texas where the Bear is now, how there are fewer insects during this summer’s drought. Few insects means its harder for birds to make a living. Fewer birds mean less beauty and song in the world. The iconic Monarch butterfly and all butterflies are becoming endangered. The Bear asks, will humans notice when they’re gone? What can we do lessen the pressure on these beauties? Stop using broadcast pesticides on home and lawn. Spot treat only if you have too. Accept a few weeds in the lawn; they’re just as green as a carpet of grass. Plant flowers as food for our insect friends! Provide feed and water for the birds during times of drought. Make a beautiful world!

The Blue-eyed Bear dreams of the endangered Miami Blue butterflies.

Bear is Scared for the Planet

July 20, 2022

Start a conversation that’s what Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist, says is a way the Bear can make a difference in this climate crisis. Not to be acusitory but the bear thinks each human has to begin to make a difference cause ONLY YOU CAN STOP THIS CLIMATE CRISIS by caring. If you care say something PLEASE!



July 10, 2022

When you dip your paw into the sacred pool…

You know not what you will stir up!


Texas is Broken

May 30, 2022

Tell it to the Fishes

May 7, 2022

The Blue-eyed Bear feels that no humans will listen to her warnings about the climate crisis the world is facing. So she is taking a lesson from St. Anthony of Padua, a Franciscan priest, who preached to the fishes when no humans would listen. Miracle of miracles, the fishes listened and were saved!


Sayings of the Blue-eyed Bear

January 6, 2022


The Oracle

January 1, 2022

The Blue-eyed Bear made a trip to Delphi to consult the Oracle about what is the best strategy for living in 2022. Now the Oracle is known to be rather enigmatic with her prophecies. The Bear interpreted what she said as “Brace-up, take your medicine, do your best, be kind, and know thy self.” Good advice at anytime.

Bear seeks truth from the Oracle of Delphi. Her response Know Thy Self.

All Creation Sings

December 22, 2021
The Blue-eyed Bear and a few Arctic Friends enjoy a starry song!

December is one of the times during the year when we humans and Bears remember and celebrate that we are part of something greater than ourselves. No matter what you believe or don’t believe look up at the stars and sing!!!!!


Bear and Friends

December 5, 2021

The Blue-eyed Bear had a recent encounter with Badger; no worries they’er friends. Bear found that Badger, or Brock as the Celtic people called her, can be a determined traveler and has great love for her family. Bear wishes Brock peace and a safe return to her home burrow soon. See archive Oct 2010 for initial meeting.