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Christmas Sea Serpent 2022 and New Year Prayer 2023

January 2, 2023

A Christmas Sea Serpent and a prayer for the new year? Yes this drawing in pencil is what I call Bear Scratchings (The cross is made from five claw scratchings, which bears do quite often). The serpent theme or symbol of the Christ manifest is a nod to such symbolism found in the Book of Kells a 5th century illuminated Gospels from Ireland. The serpent symbol may go back to John 3: 14-15. Jesus is quoted as saying he will be lifted up as the serpent was lifted up by Moses. The three circling serpents are also a nod to the Greek Caduceus, which shows entwined snakes as a symbol of healing. It is also a nod to the Ouroborus a symbol of wholeness as the sea serpents are eating the small fish as the small fish are eating the sea serpents. All of which are held to gather by the Bear Scratching cross. The Blue-eyed Bear definitely prays for wholeness and healing as we move into the coming year.