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Heats Up!

July 29, 2011

The bergs are getting smaller!

It Hot!!!! And small bergs means the Blue-eyed Bear has to work hard to keep balanced! But balance isn’t everything.  Sometimes you got to just take the plunge even if it means watery wrinkles and puckered claws.


Requiem for a Bear

July 19, 2011

The Blue-eyed Bear greets a little dog named Bear who has just begun the transition to a new state of being. She now exists in the hearts and minds of those who love her and thats just where the Blue-eyed Bear and all the animal friends she encounters also exist.  One can’t say that this is not a real for  love informs all existence and is true no matter what shape or form it may take.

Little Bear, released for her corporal existence, can now be off on her own adventures. Of course the transition is hard especially for those who love her because they have to find a way of not being left behind.  One way is to keep an honored space for Bear so she always feels welcome in her corporal home. And maybe if the Blue-eyed Bear is  lucky, she may cross adventurous paths with little Bear again in their great wanderings.