Requiem for the Gulf of Mexico

May 30, 2010

A coastal coyote sings; all the stars have fallen from the sky.

Its a little frightening writing this post because in doing so it may make it come true that the Gulf of Mexico is dying. The Blue-eyed bear is now running the Gulf beaches with two coastal coyotes and what they are finding is not good. (This post is based on a photograph by Gerald Herbert of piles of dead starfish on Chandeleur Island in the  Breton National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana). Coyotes survive pretty well on the coast by scavenging what washes ashore. that is dead fish, a seabird or two, maybe some turtle eggs. But they can’t eat oily food! So that means there probably won’t be any pups this year and they may have to move inland which means more possible encounters with humans. Humans and coyotes don’t mix even though some call the coyote “god’s dog” or “song dog”. Coyote will survive! They are tryig to convice the BE Bear to move inland with them but the BE Bear is not sure she is done on the gulf coast yet.

As I write this the top-kill attempt to plug the Deep Horizon oil well has failed. BP is moving to cut the riser pipe and put a containment valve on top of the well. Hope it works as nothing has as of yet. The only good thing to come of this so far is that the President has put a 6 month moratorium on off-shore drilling which stops Shell Oil from drilling in the Chuckchi Sea. No technology exists to respond in a meaningful way to a spill in the arctic sea. The Blue-eyed bear is truly frightened that her land of origin will be that next disaster zone.

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