Day 53

June 14, 2010

Blood Offering to the Water Lilly Serpent

Its Day 53 of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Oil is still gushing out of the rent in the deep sea. A red  frothy oily ooze is coming ashore on the beaches of Alabama. The oil is making its way along the beaches of the Florida Panhandle. NOAA research vessels  have  confirmed that there are undersea plumes of oil. No one knows how those plumes will effect the ecology of the deep sea. The Government has also confirmed that flow of the oil from the rent far exceeds previous estimates. They not say it  is as much as four times the Exxon Valdez already spilt.  And the oil is getting nearer and nearer to the loop current. Oh and the humans are haggling over who will pay for all of this!

Blue-Eyed Bear feels desperate to do something to change the trajectory of this disaster. So she is going to call on some very old spirits, some denizens of the deep watery world or underworld for help. But, these spirits don’t work cheap. So She’s taking a blood sacrifice (Bear Blood) to the Mayan Water Lilly Serpent in hopes that this spirit can intercede to stem the flow of oil. Many new and old world cultures have stories concerning these underworld serpent spirits. Generally, these spirits are tricky to deal with as they are elemental and don’t really care what happens to this creation. The BE Bear is using the Maya method of blood sacrifice and making the offering to a Maya  spirit of the deep  because of its proximity to the Gulf. We will see if the BE Bear’s sacrifice is sufficient!

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