Saving a Generation

July 8, 2010

Live Long and Prosper Little Dudes! The Blue-eyed Bear helps with Sea Turtle relocation.

The Blue-eyed Bear has made her way along the Gulf beaches to the Florida Panhandle. There she is helping with a desperate project to save a generation of sea turtles from sure death in the oily gulf water. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is heading this project to move some 70,000 turtle eggs from the Alabama and Florida beaches and will transport them to the east coast of Florida for release. The B-E Bear thinks she can help locate turtle nests with her supper sensitive Bear nose. She will also make her way to the east coast to help with the release of the little turtle hatchlings. Most of the nests are thought to belong to loggerhead turtles. You know the turtles that starred in the movie “Saving Nemo”. These turtles can live to be 150 years old!

The B-E bear suggests that all humans can help by adopting a sea turtle and supporting the work of Sea Turtle Conservancy at conserveturtles.org This is a Galveston, Florida based organization that was founded by Dr. Archie F. Carr formerly of the University of Florida. Carr was a biologist and conservationist and an expert in sea turtles. He died in 1987 but his legacy of research and protection of turtles through education and conservation live on with this organization.

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