Wild Women of the Forest

July 26, 2010

The Blue-eyed Bear gets some advice from Dzunukwa.

The Blue-eyed bear always consults the the spirits of place for bits of  wisdom that help her along on her journeys. In her travels through the Northwest Coast of North America she sought out Dzunukwa, a giantess who lives in the deep forests. Dzunukwa is a supposed to be stupid and slow and eat little children. That might all just be a bad rap cause she guards some wonderful treasures. (Dzunukwa is also a Kuawkiutl crest, so you can often see her mask  as part of a totem pole or other expressions of First Nations art ). B-E Bear thinks one of Dzunukwa’s treasures is her advice on how to survive in-spite of Human hubris towards this creation. Dzunukwa can tell the Blue-eyed bear  how to be a Wild Woman in this age. Now thats a true treasure!

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