Bears in Space!

October 18, 2010

The Blue-eyed Bear wants to help collect space junk!

The Blue-eyed Bear is going into space by way of the Space Shuttle Discovery! The BE Bear doesn’t usually use human conveyance, but if you want to go into outer space, the Shuttle is the best way. The Bear is going as part of the NASA program Faces in Space. Her real mission is to try and capture some of the space junk that  is collecting around the Earth from  50+ years of Humans dumping their mess. The Junk is getting so dense its becoming a danger. The BE Bear thinks if she is successful maybe NASA will deploy a crew of bears on a clean-up mission. Such a mission might prove to Humans the importance of bears and it could provide a new home for her and/or some of her wandering kin before the ice totally melts.

Discovery blasts off with the BE Bear from the Kennedy Space Center Nov 1st at 4:40 PM EDT. The mission is STS-133. The crew will be heading to the International Space Station to deliver the Express Logistics Carrier 4 and the Multipurpose Logistics Module. Stay tuned to see if the BE Bear will enjoy the ride!

The Blue-eyed Bear's Mission patch.

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