June 17, 2012

Where could those young Hawks be Bear?

The Blue-eyed Bear has been spending her time following the young lives of three Red-tailed Hawks and their parents Big Red (moma) and Ezra (dad). The parents have an ongoing nest a 70 ft high light tower overlooking the practice fields at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Three little hawklets hatched this spring and the BE Bear has been following their progress. You can too, because the Department of Ornithology at Cornell has placed 2 cameras on the nest. Just google Cornell hawk cams to get to the link. The hawklets are young hawks now having all fledged by June 14th. Their all still in the vicinity of the nest however as mom and dad teach them the Ways of the Hawk. But since they have flow its a lot harder for the BE Bear and the ornithologists at Cornell to keep track of their young lives. The  BE Bear wishes them all the best, best, best and would like to give a Big Thank You to the dedicated individuals as Cornell for giving her the opportunity to have this Adventure.

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