Bear Blues

September 11, 2022

What can anyone do to stop this climate crisis? One way is to be aware of your environment and what can be lost though the environmental degradation that comes this crisis. Yes, the Blue-eyed Bear and his polar friends are loosing their home, but in so many ways, large and small, people are too. We have all seen the terrible floods, drought, and fires that are devistating parts of the US, Austrailia, Pakistan, and Europe, and, and, and. But have you noticed, here in Texas where the Bear is now, how there are fewer insects during this summer’s drought. Few insects means its harder for birds to make a living. Fewer birds mean less beauty and song in the world. The iconic Monarch butterfly and all butterflies are becoming endangered. The Bear asks, will humans notice when they’re gone? What can we do lessen the pressure on these beauties? Stop using broadcast pesticides on home and lawn. Spot treat only if you have too. Accept a few weeds in the lawn; they’re just as green as a carpet of grass. Plant flowers as food for our insect friends! Provide feed and water for the birds during times of drought. Make a beautiful world!

The Blue-eyed Bear dreams of the endangered Miami Blue butterflies.

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