The Bear’s New Friends in South Africa, Roll On!

February 19, 2023

The Blue-eyed Bear is finding some new friends in South Africa! Did you know that the Dung Beetle, Scarabaeidae, was sacred to the ancient Egyptians and was immortalized as the scarab a symbol or rebirth and regeneration. The beetle also represented the sun god Ra rolling his orb across the sky as the beetle rolls his poop ball cleaning the environment for the many African animals and providing food and a home for its eggs. Different species of the dung beetle are found all over the world but recent scientific investigations in and around Johannesburg SA have found that the dung beetle gets his dung ball home by orienting his roll to the Sun and Milky Way!. The dung beetle is the only known animal to orient to the Milky Way making it truly a celestial being. The BE Bear thinks that’s a great idea and will try to incorporate those celestial alignments in her quest for a new Home!


Also see the children’s book Steve the Dung Beetle: On a Roll by Susan R. Stoltz and Mellissa Bailey 2022 Pygmy Giraffe Publishing Phoenix AZ,

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