January 1, 2014

Bearafloat6No more adrift, the Blue-eyed Bear is back on the move for 2014. She’s on her ice burg and is being pulled along in the wake of a pod of Orcas. What adventures will she have this New Year?


Bear Cat

June 16, 2013

Bear cats

The Blue-eyed Bear has been busy of late attempting to keep up with a new friend. This little energetic  friend just showed up and moved onto the B-E Bear’s berg. So far the they are both still afloat. What Adventures will they have?!


Blue Rain

January 13, 2013


Its hard to loose a Friend, even when your a Bear. I’m sorry little Friend for all the times I was too Bear-like toward you. I’m sorry that in the end, I couldn’t protect you. The Blue-eyed Bear weeps for her Friend and the Universe weeps with her.


Happy New Year 2013

January 1, 2013



The Raven flies with one eye looking back and one eye looking forward so she knows where she has been, and where  she is going. The Blue-eyed Bear asks her friend Raven to help her know where she’s been so she can move forward confidently into the New Year.


Christmas is Hare

December 24, 2012


The Blue-eyed Bear is the first to witness a new phenomenon the Christmas Hare! Since the Arctic is melting humans may have to adjust their myths, and well the Arctic Hare is just crazy enough to audition for the job. The BE Bear has no idea where the Hare got the hat and bells. Happy Holidays!


Touché, but without a Foible

July 31, 2012

The Blue-eyed Bear gets the touch.

The Blue-eyed Bear lunges to score one on Wenlock. What classic form and the BE-Bear is only using a stick! That stick may be without a foible, which is 6 inches to the tip of the blade or the weakest most bendable part of the foil.


The Games Begin

July 31, 2012

And we call it Ping Pong!

The Blue-eyed Bear and Wenlock challenge each other with Table Tennis, which has been a Olympic game since 1988. The BE Bear tries the Flick and the Smash but Wenlock is pretty quick. Wenlock may get the win.


London Olympics 2012

July 31, 2012

Wenlock and the Blue-eyed Bear do London.

The Blue-eyed Bear has made her way back to Britain for the 2012 Olympic games. Since the BE Bear has no Home Country as she was forced out of the Arctic by Global Warming she thought she would compete on her own. However, she has made a new friend of the Olympic mascot, Wenlock. Together they will be trying their hand and paw at various games over the next two Olympic weeks.



June 17, 2012

Where could those young Hawks be Bear?

The Blue-eyed Bear has been spending her time following the young lives of three Red-tailed Hawks and their parents Big Red (moma) and Ezra (dad). The parents have an ongoing nest a 70 ft high light tower overlooking the practice fields at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Three little hawklets hatched this spring and the BE Bear has been following their progress. You can too, because the Department of Ornithology at Cornell has placed 2 cameras on the nest. Just google Cornell hawk cams to get to the link. The hawklets are young hawks now having all fledged by June 14th. Their all still in the vicinity of the nest however as mom and dad teach them the Ways of the Hawk. But since they have flow its a lot harder for the BE Bear and the ornithologists at Cornell to keep track of their young lives. The  BE Bear wishes them all the best, best, best and would like to give a Big Thank You to the dedicated individuals as Cornell for giving her the opportunity to have this Adventure.


Daruma Bear

April 9, 2012

The Blue-eyed Bear says never give up on your life’s goals. An old oriental saying tells us “eight times up” That is you  may go down seven times but the eight time you will roll back up and make your mark! Just as the daruma bear can never be kept down. Roll on Daruma Bear!