Swimming for Survival

January 6, 2020

Swimming North with the aid of Friends

The Blue-eyed Bear and Koala are swimming north along the east coast of Australia. The bear wants to get the Koala to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, but that’s way north of Sydney. So the B-E Bear has enlisted the help of a few of her friends that frequent the Aussie coast. Every now and then the Humpbacks give the bear a boost.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital is treating burned and dehydrated Koalas and has raised over $ 2 million through a go fund me site. The money is being spent for watering stations for Koalas and other wild life. And once the crisis abates they may start a captive breading center for Koalas.  The B-E Bear says “all of you humans are responsible for this, so start the change that is need to fix it now”.


Australia, Climate Crisis or Armageddon

January 4, 2020

Blue-eyed Bear says “time to move Koala”!!!

The B-E Bear wants to help, but the fires in Australia seem way beyond anything the bear can do in this climate armageddon.


No where to go?!

Run for the ocean you two, run, run, run!!!! The B-E Bear can swim even if the Koala can’t! Will they make it??? Stay tuned.


Searching For Heart

April 22, 2017

The Blue-eyed Bear is searching the cloud forests for signs of the glass frog and its visible heart. Hoping against hope that it too has not succumbed to the terrible chytrid fungus that has choked the life out of many little amphibians across the Americans and beyond. The B-e Bear asks. Please support the efforts of herpetologists to save these creatures. Go to FrogRescue.com


Great Merit

January 1, 2015

BearYeti3 The Blue-Eyed Bear has made her way around Mt Kailash completing the circumambulation of the sacred Mountain. She stated between the two sacred Lakes Manasaraowar and Raksas Tal at 14,950 ft in elevation.  From Tarchen chorten (No.1) she proceeded on a clock-wise path on the great Mountain Kora, a 32 mile trek. Tarchen chorten or Buddhist monument sits at 15,100 ft. Next major stop was Dirapuk Gompa (No.6) at 16,200 ft. A Gompa is a Buddhist monastery of which there are three (No 5,6,8) on the main circuit serving as way stations for pilgrims. On to the highest point in the trek the beautiful Dolma La pass (No 7) is at 18,600 ft. This pass is dedicated to Tara, Dolma in Tibetan, the Goddess of Compassion. 


Photo Credit: Dimitry Arkhipov 2014

Just southeast of the Dolma La pass the Bear stopped to drink from the highest fresh water lake Gaurikund, Thugje Chenpo Tso in Tibetan, at 18,264 ft, it is pictured here still iced over.  BearYeti4 Upon finishing her trek around sacred Kailash the Blue-eyed Bear left this Bear carved offering on the Mountain. It says Om Mani Padme Hum, Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus. Because the Bear did this trek in the Year of the Horse sacred for pilgrimage to Tibetans (the Tibetan New Year doesn’t start until Feb.21, 2015 it is a wood sheep year) the Bear gains the merit of 12 circumambulations of the Mountain allowing her proceeded on a inner trek or Kora to Mt Nandi (Map No.1, 2, 3). Nandi is Shiva’s riding bull and servant and a deity in his own right. What other adventures await the Bear on the Tibetan plateau? 


Journey to the Center of the World

December 27, 2014

The Blue-eyed Bear is on her way to Mt. Kailash in western Tibet. the mountain standing some 22,028 ft is the axis mundi of the center of the world for Tibetan Bonpo, Tibetan Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains.  One does not climb this mountain one circles its base on foot to gain great spiritual merit. 


Along the way the Bear is meeting some of the locals and making new Friends.


The Bear’s new fiend is also a helpful guide on this spiritual quest. Will the Blue-eyed Bear make it al the way around Kailash before the New Year breaks? Stay tuned!



January 2, 2014


Floating south in the Pacific the Blue-eyed Bear encounters patches of tsunami debris and just plain trash.



January 1, 2014

Bearafloat6No more adrift, the Blue-eyed Bear is back on the move for 2014. She’s on her ice burg and is being pulled along in the wake of a pod of Orcas. What adventures will she have this New Year?


Bear Cat

June 16, 2013

Bear cats

The Blue-eyed Bear has been busy of late attempting to keep up with a new friend. This little energetic  friend just showed up and moved onto the B-E Bear’s berg. So far the they are both still afloat. What Adventures will they have?!


Blue Rain

January 13, 2013


Its hard to loose a Friend, even when your a Bear. I’m sorry little Friend for all the times I was too Bear-like toward you. I’m sorry that in the end, I couldn’t protect you. The Blue-eyed Bear weeps for her Friend and the Universe weeps with her.


Happy New Year 2013

January 1, 2013



The Raven flies with one eye looking back and one eye looking forward so she knows where she has been, and where  she is going. The Blue-eyed Bear asks her friend Raven to help her know where she’s been so she can move forward confidently into the New Year.