First Adventure, On the Mall

April 23, 2010

The Blue-eyed Bear’s first adventure after leaving the Arctic was going to Washington DC to see the inauguration of a new US President. Her hope was to urge the President to cool the Earth. It was pretty cold in Washington that January, but it seems things have been getting hotter ever since. The Bear still sees this President as the only hope for the planet. Otherwise, certain very loud Americans who are selfish enough to suggest that the wild place the Bear was born is nothing but a wasteland may prevail. And the Bear will certainly have no home with them.

Americans are a strange species. The Bear has heard that some Americans will not eat fish or other sea creatures because they think that fish swim in their own excrement. Well, the Bear sees Americans breathing in their own polluting excrement all the time and so has vowed not to eat them or any other  humans! Unless of course she is forced to do so through starvation.

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