18,000 Square Miles

April 28, 2010

Oily Ocean, the Blue-Eyed Bear’s worst nightmare!

As of today the 27th of April the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been reported as covering 18,000 square miles and growing. Seen from space, it is expected to hit the coast of Louisiana and West Florida this Thursday of Friday. What a tragedy!! The Blue-eyed Bear is not in Gulf waters, but she can imagine what its like for all the fish, and porpoises, and whales, and sea turtles, and squid, and any creature who lives in the deep ocean to be covered with oil. Once again Americans/humans make their choices and  seem little concerned until the mess they make hits them where they live and give birth.

The BE Bear sees this tragedy as a precursor of what could happen in her birth place, that is the coastal plain of  ANWR the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, if oil drilling is allowed on that section of the north slope. Oil Companies drone on about how safe is their drilling technology. But all it takes is one drunken sailor (Exxon Valdez) or one ship to sink (Great Barrier Reef ) and an environment is ruined for decades, if it is not sullied forever. Modernity is coming at to high a price and it has nothing to do with health care. Maybe Americans need to rethink their coastal drilling policies. Nay, they won’t give up their SUVs and supersize trucks and computers. The BE Bear can only cry! What will happen to all the birds when this oil reaches the shore. What of the lives of the Spoonbill and the Ibis and the Anhinga.

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