Burning the Ocean

April 30, 2010

The Blue-eyed Bear can only cry!

At the writing of this post the oily ooze is coming ashore near the mouth of the Mississippi River. Of the BP spill, David Kennedy an official at NOAA said “I’m frightened. Its very very big and the efforts that are going to be required to do anything about it are just mind boggling”. They say it may be a worse spill then the Exxon Valdez. The BE Bear thinks it will be the Valdez and Katrina/Rita rolled into one and it will make the Gulf Coast a dead zone for years to come. Especially if the well can’t be shut off for months.

The response by BP and the Government was of course inadequate. And it will always be so, until  humans get it in their heads that they and all life are connected and that what happens 20 or 30 or 100 miles off-shore is as if it is in their own backyard. The Ocean can no longer be considered “other” and used as receptacle for human waste.  The Blue-eyed Bear demands that all world governments work together to clean the oceans. They can start by removing the trash rafts in the Atlantic and Pacific and then work to diminish dead zones. The Government (the people)  need to be on the spot when things go amiss and demand the strictest safety procedures and most stringent clean up measures.

But for now, at this moment, as birds and fish and shrimp and oysters and turtles and sea mammals begin to die a great cry goes up in recognition of enormous suffering! Lord their burning the Ocean! What must they do next to stave off their destruction?!

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