Bayou Rescue

May 7, 2010

Saving Clammy and Her Friends

The Blue-eyed Bear has made it to the Gulf Coast. Specifically she is somewhere on the bayous and wetlands of the Mississippi River delta. Her determination is to do what she can to help out the animals that could be affected by the oil disaster. She has decided to aim her efforts at rescue toward the bottom of the food chain by moving clams further up the delta and out of harms way.

Drop in the Bucket

Moving clams is hard work. You have to carefully scoop them out of the mud and then quickly get them to a new spot before they dry out. Fortunately, bear claws are the perfect clam scoop and  some new Friends are helping out. Clammy the clam informs the BE Bear as to where the endangered clam beds are and what areas would make good new beds. While, Rosie the Spoonbill helps the BE Bear navigate through the dense marsh grasses. Actually, the BE Bear is just doing the heavy lifting. She wonders if this attempt at rescue will make a difference or if its just a drop in the bucket compared to the destruction of the wildlife and their habitat that will happen as the oil comes ashore.  The Blue-eyed bear thinks maybe its best if it did all come ashore to relieve the impact on the deep sea animals that are suffering the effects of the oil right now. Petroleum will be in the food-chain for a long time to come. Because this disaster is energy related and will have such long range effects it seems it can only be compared to the Chernobyl disaster.

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