The Eyes of ajaja

May 10, 2010

Only Ajaia ajaja can look.

Recent attempts to mitigate the flow of oil into the Gulf have failed and oil is coming ashore. The bear is tired and can’t look at the devastation. Rosey the Roseate Spoonbill is on the wing and her Eyes will see. She is Ajaia ajaja which sounds like a wail of despair or a cry of pain. In reality Ajaia ajaja is the genus and species name for the Spoonbill. It could also be the name of god. The spoonbill was sacred to the Ohio Hopewell people (200 BC to AD 300) and shows up in their bone and stone carvings. These carvings indicate a prehistoric connection between the Ohio River drainage and the Gulf coast. For that matter the Bear was also sacred to the Hopewell. What these animals meant to these ancient people is not known, but they obviously recognized two powerful spirits. Will these spirits survive intact?


  1. Calling all bears to Gulf Coast shoreline!

  2. I have faith that these spirits will definitely survive intact! It will be a hard journey, but I believe they will persevere.

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