Swim Away, Swim Away

May 20, 2010

The Blue-Eyed Bear says swim away!

The BE Bear has taken to the waters of the Gulf to find the sperm whales that feed and calve near the deep water Mississippi River trench. She wants to tell them to swim away from the ever spreading discharge of the undersea oil geyser. But which way should the whales go? A report by the New York Times  suggests that NOAA is not doing enough to track the the deep sea dispersal of the oil. The research ship Pelican came back this past weekend and reported undersea plumes that were miles long and wide. But NOAA told those researchers to shut up. Thats not good! And its not like they didn’t know this could happen in 2003 the National Research Council came out with a report saying an undersea spill would not quickly rise to the surface and would probably form undersea plumes. Once again humans ignore what they can’t see. All the focus is on the coast but the main tragedy is in the deep ocean and no one is looking.

We also need to know how much oil is coming out of that pipe/hole. If Oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle thinks it can be calculated then the BE Bear does too. BP needs to give access to the spill area to independent researchers and the government should insist on that point. But the BE Bear is not holding her breath on that point she thinks BP will resist and try to stop the geyser before any one gets a look. What the BE Bear also wants to know is what happens to all the gas that is coming out with the oil and what effect that may have on ecosystems. So many questions that little is being done to answer.

Other disturbing news is that the Oil is now in the loop current and headed for the Florida straits the keys and the white sand beaches of Cuba. Again this fact seems to be played down by the Gov’t. Though the State department is talking to Cuba. So someone must be concerned. The BE Bear is Concerned and may head down to the Florida Keys.

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