Winter Solstice

December 19, 2010

Bear fire greets the solstice eclipse.

Happy Winter Solstice to All! In many cultures the shortest day or the year or the longest night is greeted by the lighting of fires. The Blue-eyed bear is herself a luminary with a fire all her own and so greets the New Year. When other bears are deep in their hibernation, the Blue-eyed Bear continues her search for home! She has had many adventures in the past year. With the help of her friends she visited Ireland, France, China, British Columbia, and Florida. (The bear chronicler has many stories yet to tell). Some adventures like her trip to the Gulf Coast to witness the BP oil spill are not adventures the BE Bear would want to repeat. (She hopes she helped wildlife rescue a little). Still others like the her trip into space got postponed and she is looking forward to continuing that exploration in the new year! What will the New Year bring?!! It can only be an Adventure !!!!! !!!!!

This year the solstice is marked by a total eclipse of the moon. The Blue-eyed bear is looking forward to witnessing this not often seen phenomenon. She will welcome the Moon back as she also welcomes the Sun back for the start of the New Year. Some say that because of the volcanoes Eyjafjallajokull and Merapi dust in the upper atmosphere may make the moon in eclipse almost black. Since this eclipse can be seen from the entire North American continent many of the Bear’s friends can join her in this Adventure !!!!! !!!!!

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